Declaration of Consent on Media Rights and Indemnity

Photo and Video Usage – Declaration of Consent for Participants

GLOBALG.A.P. plans to publish photos and videos of the workshop. By confirming this declaration, you agree that we may use the photo(s) and video(s) on which you appear for the limited purpose of providing and promoting our own services, including the right to archive the photo(s) and video(s), to combine them with written reports on the workshop, and to publish them in all media, in particular via our website and social media channels.

Right of Revocation

In case you consented to our use of photos and videos on which you appear, you can revoke such consent at any time with regard to new publications by giving us written notice to the following email address: Upon receipt of the notice, we will immediately cease using the photo for new publications and we will take reasonable steps to delete the photos from our channels. Please be aware that we cannot take any responsibility with regard to the deletion of the photos from all and any media channels (as the media channels may not be under our sole control).