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The smart way to display GLOBALG.A.P. data on your platform

The goal of the Public Bookmarking API is to make selected information from the GLOBALG.A.P. database available to as many users as possible as easily as possible. Thanks to an API connection, key supply chain actors such as traders, cooperatives, and producer organizations can use participating supplier management platforms to verify the accuracy and validity of GLOBALG.A.P. certificates.
In an age of increasing digitalization and data sharing needs, the Public Bookmarking API simplifies the flow of data for supply chains and enables stakeholders to source key information from one place, whether it be certificate data or conformity information.

With the Public Bookmarking API, GLOBALG.A.P. certificate validation is simpler and more convenient than ever before.

About GLOBALG.A.P. data services

GLOBALG.A.P. has established itself as a key reference for good agricultural practices (G.A.P.) in the global marketplace by translating consumer requirements into agricultural production standards in a rapidly growing list of countries. As a critical part of the implementation of G.A.P. standards, GLOBALG.A.P. has developed and runs a global IT and process-based administration and management infrastructure.

The GLOBALG.A.P. database is an internet-based platform for worldwide certification management and related services. The GLOBALG.A.P. database stores and links the assessment and certification data from certified production processes. One of the most important features of the GLOBALG.A.P. database is the certificate validation tool, which is now used daily by retailers and traders. To ensure transparent standards, the system secures instant access to registration and certificate status data for every producer and product according to GLOBALG.A.P.’s Data Access Rules.

Public Bookmarking API

The Public Bookmarking API offers supplier management platforms the opportunity to display publicly visible data from the GLOBALG.A.P. database on their own platform via an application programming interface.
With this interface, the certification status of more than 200,000 producers under GLOBALG.A.P. certification can be queried via the supplier management platform. Depending on the booked package, each GGN can be queried up to 24 times per day.

Data visibility

The data which can be sourced through the Public Bookmarking API is data that is publicly available on the GLOBALG.A.P. database. This includes:
- GLOBALG.A.P. certification status for all GLOBALG.A.P. standards (but not add-ons)
- A copy of the GLOBALG.A.P. certificate
- The certification body
- The country of destination

If you are interested in expanding the scope of data available on your platform via the Public Bookmarking API, please get in touch with

Your package options

After your 14-day free trial, the following Public Bookmarking API packages are available:


Fee Type

Applies to


Implementation fee for the Public Bookmarking API


€2,000 (one-time payment)




Monthly Fee

Basic: Up to 15,000 requests/month (with this package you can update approx. 200,000 GGNs on a daily basis)


Medium: Up to 150,000 requests/month (with this package you can update approx. 200,000 GGNs on a 2-hour basis)


Premium: Up to 300,000 requests/month (with this package you can update approx. 200,000 GGNs on an hourly basis) for each particular month of usage


Fees are to be paid by the supplier management platform.
Terms and conditions apply and can be provided on demand.


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