The Registered Trainer program for GLOBALG.A.P. standards

Registered Trainers support producers in achieving GLOBALG.A.P. certification. All Registered Trainers have completed a GLOBALG.A.P. training and passed the final exam with 80% or more in each part. They are authorized to use official GLOBALG.A.P. training material and offer GLOBALG.A.P. recognized trainings to producers and other interested parties.

What can a Registered Trainer do for you?

As a producer, attending a training provided by a Registered Trainer is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the path to certification or certification renewal.

Registered Trainers are trained in a specific scope or product category for the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard, and can break it down into comprehensible, practical steps. By the end of the training, you will understand the requirements you need to fulfil in order to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. certification and have gained a well-rounded understanding of the GLOBALG.A.P. certification system as a whole.

Even if you are already GLOBALG.A.P. certified, attending a training can prepare you for IFA standard updates or give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the system behind your certification standard.

Registered Trainers may also offer consultancy and other services to producers. Please contact your Registered Trainer of choice to find out more about the services they offer.

Why choose a Registered Trainer?

You may find consultants or trainers who offer unofficial assistance with GLOBALG.A.P. standards. However, they are not authorized or trained by GLOBALG.A.P., so they may have outdated or incorrect knowledge. Only by choosing a Registered Trainer can you be sure you will receive correct, up-to-date information through an approved training.

All Registered Trainers are vetted by GLOBALG.A.P. They must attend an Integrated Farm Assurance course provided by GLOBALG.A.P. and pass the subsequent exam with a score of at least 80% in each part (there are two parts).

How to recognize a Registered Trainer?

All Registered Trainers are equipped with a Registered Trainer seal complete with date. You can also find an up-to-date list of Registered Trainers in the table below. Simply search by name, company, scope, or country.

Click on a trainer name to find that trainer’s contact details.


Find a Producer Training by a Registered Trainer
See trainings held by Registered Trainers in the GLOBALG.A.P. Registered Trainer course catalogue.

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Name Company Scope Country
Mr Can Lico, José Estuardo Asociación del Gremio Químico Agrícola Plants v6 Guatemala
Espejo Broncano, Juan Manuel Plants v6 Peru
Fundación Parque Tecnológico Itaipu Ojeda, Natalia Verónica Itatí Plants v6, Crops v5 Paraguay
Aghayev, Fuad Plants v6 Azerbaijan
Ambekar, Sameer Tridal Agro Crops v5 India
Jung , Emil Crops v5, QMS v5 Namibia
Shhedgay, Bhanuudas Crops v5 India
Castañón Sánchez, Mirsa Azucena Teresita Plants v6 Mexico
Dinsdale, Joel AGROEN Services Pty Ltd Crops v5 Australia
Cronje, Colette Progress Excellence Training and Development Plants v6 South Africa
Ramirez Guerrero, Edgar Saul Veggies From Mexico Plants v6 Mexico
Mokone, Terrence Lons Pride Training Institute Plants v6 South Africa
Mambozoukuni, Jackson Plants v6 South Africa
Malatsi, Lorato Agrizor Pty Ltd Plants v6 Botswana
Arias Elias, Marcela Crops v5.4 Chile
Fifield, Edward Plants v6 United States of America
Bologna, Stefan Plants v6 Italy
Sasidharan Nair, Sarathkumar Quality Middle East Crops v5 United Arab Emirates
Andersen, Bo QESH Consult ApS Plants v6 Denmark
Faul, Retha Retha Faul Consulting Plants v6 South Africa
Lottering, Yvette Zespri Plants v6 New Zealand
Ivankovich Guillen, Marcela SGE Consultores Plants v6 Costa Rica
Kumbemba, Charles Holiday General Traders Co Limited Plants v6 Tanzania
Lecea Arellano, Eduardo Rubén Plants v6 Mexico
Piirainen, Anne Puutarhaliitto - Trädgårdsförbundet ry Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5 Finland
Ramos Ramos, Hugo normich a c Plants v6 Mexico
Villanueva Sotelo, Mauricio NSF Plants v6, SPRING v1 Mexico
Sarkar, Md. Abdur Rafiq Matrix Business Development Ltd. Crops v5 Bangladesh
Mesa Pérez, Laura ACERTA CERTIFICACIÓN, S.L. Plants v6 Spain
Quintero Zatarain, Angel Andres General Certifications House S de RL de CV Plants v6, Crops v5 Mexico
Masimura, Eshness Food Systems for Safety Nets (pvt) ltd Crops v5 Zimbabwe
Iliopoulos, Nikolaos COBUS Crops v5, QMS v5, CoC v5 Greece
Nkosi, Mthokozisi ASC Consultants Plants v6 South Africa
van Wyk, Jurie Freshpro Agri (Pty.) Ltd. Plants v6, GRASP v1 South Africa
Sharpley, Angel Plants v6 South Africa
Euroconsul Crops v5, Aquaculture v5, GRASP v1 France
Kouato, Fulgence AGRO DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE Crops v5 Côte d'Ivoire
Nikolic, Nena Crops v5, GRASP v1 Serbia
Bougataya, Nissrine EXCELLENT QUALITY Plants v6, Crops v5, AH-DLL Grow, SPRING v1 Morocco
Shamudzarira, Munyaradzi Plants v6 Zimbabwe
Azizoğlu Susmaz, Pelin CTR Uluslararası Belgelendirme ve Denetim Ltd. Şti. Crops v5, QMS v5 Turkey
Claasen, Reinier Crops v5 South Africa
Dzuda, Yvonne Plants v6 Zimbabwe
Olarewaju, Babatunde FutuX Agri-consult Limited Crops v5 Nigeria
Ekwueme, Ngozi Benedette STANDARDS ORGANISATION OF NIGERIA Crops v5 Nigeria
Munyati, Dazzy Agrikilimo Cert Plants v6, Crops v5 Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda
Mancilla Acevedo, Esteban AGRI TCIT Crops v5 Chile
Ensor, Peter Crops v5 New Zealand
Lane , Shayna Gar Bennett, LLC Crops v5 United States of America
Yoon, Deok-Hoon Council of Agro Safety & Hygiene in Korea Crops v5 South Korea
Hasegawa, Masayoshi Crops v5 Japan
Dr. Tutu Sarpong, Mark MAG-M Agro Impart Crops v5, QMS v5 Ghana
Khumalo, Monisi Crops v5 Zimbabwe
Mrozek, Mariana COPEXEU Crops v5 Argentina
Garay Hidalgo, Carla Kiwa España S.L.U Crops v5 Peru
Palacios Chanduvi, José Agrícola Inka Perú SRL Plants v6, Crops v5 Peru
Ferreira, Celestino Crops v5, QMS v5 Namibia
Infante Saavedra, Adolfo Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1 Peru
The Siyazisiza Trust Crops v5 South Africa
Katjivena, Rosalinda Crops v5, QMS v5 Namibia
Hilger, Patrick Crops v5, QMS v5 Namibia
Halwoodi, Josia Crops v5, QMS v5 Namibia
Collado, Jose Crops v5 Dominican Republic
Prof. Ahmmed, Abu Noman Faruq Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Crops v5 Bangladesh
Jensen , Svend SVJ Svend Jensen Crops v5 Denmark
Aly, Amisse Plants v6, Crops v5 Mozamique
Bahala, Roy T. ISOGAP MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v2 Philippines
Fagan, Leonardo Terra Viva Crops v5 Brazil
Wangkahad, Bencharong Crops v5, QMS v5 Thailand
Sangbae Seo, David FITI Testing & Research Institute Crops v5 South Korea
Maloney, Lauren Food Chain Crops v5 United States of America
Barbasso, Alfonso Bioagricert srl Crops v5 Italy
AGFOCERT Aquaculture v5, Crops v5 Turkey
Papadopoulos, Dimitrios EUROCERT European Inspection and Certification Crops v5 Greece
Mattiazzi, Alessandro CSQA CERTIFICAZIONI S.R.L. Crops v5, CoC v6 Italy
Reilly, Paul PMR Sustainability Services Plants v6, Crops v5 Zambia
Eredjepov, Lenur Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5 Uzbekistan
Arusoğlu , Ender TEK ASYA TARIM A.Ş. Crops v5 Turkey
Mamaev, Ulugbek Global Research and Consulting LLC Crops v5 Uzbekistan
Pezo , Alejandra Ingeniería y Consultora Tríada Aquaculture v6, Aquaculture v5, Livestock v5 Chile
Turhan, Serkan TUTA AGRİCULTURE Crops v5 Turkey
Vanegas Mendieta, Claudia Inés Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5 Colombia
LLUESMA LEACHE , Inmaculada RINA IBERIA SLU Crops v5 Spain
Ortiz Gil, Juan Antonio Escuela Elia Plants v6, Crops v5 Colombia
Bairamidis, Stelios AMBIO S.A. Aquaculture v5 Greece
Yauri Sigueñas, Hilda Zoraida Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1, SPRING v1 Peru
Yauri Sigueñas, Emma Lila Plants v6, Crops v5 Peru
Q-CERT LTD Plants v6, Crops v5, CoC v6, Nurture 11.3, SPRING v1, CfP, Biodiversity, GRASP v2, QMS v5 Greece
Guilfoyle, Fergal Aquaculture v5 Ireland
Verificación y Certificación PAMFA A.C. Plants v6, CoC v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1 Mexico
Miary, Andrianjak ECOCERT ENVIRONNEMENT SAS Crops v5, CoC v6, GRASP v1, QMS v5, GROW v3 France
Fresu, Maria Teresa Baltic Control Certification Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, CoC v6, GRASP v1 & v2 Denmark
Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) Crops v5 Ethiopia
Pro Organic Tropical Fruits, S.A.P.I. de C.V. Crops v5 México
Moorosi, Teboho TC-AgriTech Crops v5 Lesotho
Proyecta Ingenio, S.L. Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1, GROW v3 Spain
Mendoza González, Jorge E-AUDITING QUALITY, S.L. Crops v5 Spain
Nomaguchi, Haruki AgriPlus Crops v5 Japan
Control Union Certifications B.V. Crops v5, CoC v6, QMS v5, GRASP v1, SPRING v1 CFM South Africa, Hungary, South Korea
García Ambríz, Juan Carlos SIAR, A.C. Crops v5, CoC v6, GRASP v1, QMS v5 Mexico
Rojas, Beatriz CERES - CERtification of Environmental Standards - GmbH Crops v5, CoC v6, QMS v5, GRASP v1, GROW v3 Germany
Gadea, José María APPLUS (LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER S.A.) Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5, SPRING v1, GROW v3, TESCO IHT, IFA v5.4-GFS Update Spain
Widmer, Martin ProCert AG Crops v5, QMS v5, CoC v6 Switzerland
Rincón, Camila NaturaCert Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, SPRING v1, GRASP v1, GROW v3 Colombia
Mariotti, Federica CSI S.p.A Crops v5, CoC v6, GRASP v1, QMS v5, SPRING v1, GROW v3 Italy
Beneke, Lieze SGS Knowledge Solutions Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5, SPRING v1, GROW v3, CoC v6 South Africa
Ali, Mohamed Ahmed HEIACert Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5, GROW v3, TESCO Egypt
Stavropoulou, Helen TUV Austria Hellas Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5, CoC v6 Austria
Goplen, Astrid CCOF Certification Services, LLC Plants v6, QMS v6, CoC v6, localg.a.p., GRASP v1, SPRING v1, TESCO, PHA, FSMA PSR v1.3 United States of America
Obichukwu, Patricia Best Produce International UK Ltd. Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, localg.a.p. UK, Nigeria, Cameroon, and other African countries
Kara, Cemal Gürkan AGFO Teknik Kontrol ve Belgelendirme Hizmetleri Ltd Şti. Crops v5, CoC v6, GRASP v1, IFA v5.4-GFS Update & QMS v5 Turkey
Isidor Sustainability Research Institute Crops v5, Aquaculture v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1 South Korea
Villagomez, Yareli Crops v5 Mexico
Uribe, Iris Ines IIU ‐implementación Crops v5, GRASP v1, SPRING v1 Argentina
Eduardo, Irene Agrequima Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, localg.a.p., GRASP v1, FSMA PSR Guatemala
Santamaría González, José Leonardo OSAI Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1 Mexico
Chitambira, Chidochashe Agric World Consultants Plants v6, Crops v5, localg.a.p., QMS v5 South Africa, Zimbabwe
Gurdov, Akmurat Crops v5 Turkmenistan
Mayuri Junchaya, Rosa Maria del Pilar F & M Morales Mayuri Foods Safety Consulting Services S.A.C. Crops v5, GRASP v1, GROW v3 Peru
Lama, Enilda European Quality & Safety Control (EQSC) Crops v5 Albania
Morrell , Iain Syngenta Crops v5 Portugal
Memo, Arben TMC Training Management Consulting Crops v5 Albania
Mubvuta, Dominic Agrichem Services (Private) Limited Crops v5 Zimbabwe
Mendilaharzu , Indiana Indiana Mendilaharzu y Asociados Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1, SPRING v1 Argentina
Ottaro, Stellah Top Quest Consultants Limited Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5 Kenya
Imataki, Hirofumi GAP Extension Organization, Inc. Crops v5 Japan
Popoola, Moruf Taoran Global Resources Limited Crops v5 Nigeria
Llopart, Sara Compensa Agroinnovacion SLU Crops v5, GRASP v5, CoC v6 Spain, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Morocco
Ost, Ricardo CareerIT AGRI / ITCaS Crops v5, QMS v5, AH-DLL GROW v3 Suriname, Netherlands
Opare-Twum, Seth Crops v5 Ghana
Hjertenes, Per-Otto LUTRA AS Aquaculture v5, GRASP v1 Norway
Imbery, Stephan AgroChron GmbH Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1, FSMA PSR Austria
Narita, Midori Tree Crops v5 Japan
Pinto, María Alexandra Cerasus Plants v6, Crops v5, Livestock v5, Aquaculture v6, GRASP v1, QMS v5 Portugal
Dibra, Edita Foton shpk Crops v5 Albania
Degirmenci, Isa Utku Mühendislik Danışmanlık Ltd.Şti Crops v5, QMS v5 Turkey
Karaki, Lamia Crops v5, QMS v5 Lebanon
Cruz, Isalia Isalia Cruz Unipessoal Lda Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1, CoC v6 Portugal
Kakava, Bolton Bolton Compliance Consultancy Group Plants v6, Crops v5 Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique
Mzenda, Hushe Shakashe Foods Crops v5 Zimbabwe, South Africa
Pérez Jiménez, Olga Maria Gea Consulting and Coaching Group Crops v5 Dominican Republic
Boschetto, Sara SATA S.R.L. Plants v6 Italy
ENTECOM Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1, GROW v3 South Africa
Brink, Francois Alwyn Smit Skyvines CC Crops v5 South Africa
Sal Paz, Dolores CITROMAX Crops v5 Argentina
Soe, Thant Zaw Crops v5 Myanmar
Soerensen, Lis IntroCert Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1 Denmark
Alejandre Flores, María de los Ángeles AGROSAFETY ALIMENTARIA S.C Plants v6, Crops v5 Mexico
Ferrari Silveira Milan, Heidy Paripassu Aplicativos Especializados Crops v5 Brazil
Moquete, Jaconsti Crops v5 República Dominicana
Nishi, Mayuka SucSeed Co., Ltd. Crops v5 Japan
Lin, Yu-Sian Tai Nong No.9 Co. Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5 Taiwan
Gitahi, Morris Optimal Quality Links Limited Plants v6, Crops v5 Kenya
Vasii, Cristina Andreea Stoian Land Cooperativa Agricola Crops v5, QMS v5 Romania
Mahmud, Md. Arif Bio-Tech Mushrooms Crops v5 Bangladesh
Nii Addy, Kenneth KADDY VENTURES Crops v5, QMS v5 Ghana
Mutegi, Charity Rootooba Plants v6, Crops v5 Kenya
Kadid, Ahmed SARL ALGERIA-GAP-CERT Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1, IDA Algeria
Sereia, Rodrigo Neoquali Crops v5 Brazil
Hattingh, Adele Aqunion Ltd Aquaculture v5, GRASP v1 South Africa
Reinert, Camila Agroschorr Certificações Agrícolas Crops v5 Brazil
Cudjoe, Michael Amo Delta Ltd. Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5 Ghana
Gutiérrez Pantoja, Francisco DESARROLLO ORGANIZACIONAL EN LAS EMPRESAS Crops v5 Mexico
Puigvert, Roger Riuró Roger Riuró Puigvert Plants v6, Crops v5 Spain
Pokhyla, Sergiy GOODVALLEY A/S Crops v5, Livestock v5, QMS v5 Ukraine
Shu, Guancheng Ansense Food Safety Technology Co., Ltd. Crops v5 China
Renwick, Marike Massmart/ Wallmart Crops v5, QMS v5 South Africa
Omojokun, Jane Nugata Consults Limited Crops v5 Nigeria
Saleh, Manal Blue Moon LLC Crops v5, GRASP v1 Egypt
Bülbül, Fatih Canbel Tarım Ürünleri & Danışmanlık Eğitim Pazarlama San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Crops v5 Turkey
Wijngaarde, Jenna Capricorn CARI-Q NV Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1 Suriname
Shahbaz, Muhammad QA Global Group Plants v6, Crops v5 Saudi Arabia, Pakistan
The Earth Corporation Crops v5 Japan
Tatenda Matiza, Elvin Horti-cert Botswana Pty Ltd Crops v5 Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe
Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1 United Arab Emirates
Lawal, Abdulrahman Granjero de Bauer Crops v5, localg.a.p. Nigeria
Avila, Aaron G.S. Long Co., Inc. Crops v5, QMS v5 United States of America
López, Carlos Mi mejora Plants v6, Crops v5 Chile
Hurtado Leon, Maria Fernanda MASCONTROL CONSULTORES S.A.S. Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5, SPRING v1 Colombia
Lucas, Mallory WQS Plants v6, Crops v5, PHA, HPSS, SPRING v1, CoC v6, QMS v6, GRASP v2 United States of America
Ogden, Juli The Farm Plan LLC Crops v5, QMS v5 United States of America
Özek Keser, Seda BOTANİK KİMYA GÜBRE TARIM LTD. ŞTİ. Crops v5 Turkey
Bucio Gamino, Salvador SICERAGRO Crops v5, GRASP v1, FSMA Mexico
Zucas, Ricardo Ricardo Zucas Crops v5 Brazil
Morales Aguilera, Pamela del Carmen Organismo Técnico de Capacitación Modelo SpA. Plants v6, Crops v5 Chile
Agro Kanesho Ltd. Crops v5 Japan
Avah, Victor GAPS CONSULTING LIMITED Crops v5 Ghana
HM, Praveen Syngenta India Limited Crops v5 India
Ovejero Zarate, María del Rosario Crops v5 Argentina
Gaglietti, Diana Marcela Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1 Argentina
Bosman, Deon NAFS Nomistic Agriculture Food Safety Service Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5 South Africa
OKUTAN, İNANÇ Atlas Tarımsal Danışmanlık şirketi Crops v5 Turkey
Pourmoghim, Mojgan Armonsar Plants v6, Crops v5 Iran
Ocati S.A. Crops v5, QMS v5 Colombia
McMinn, Kayla Southeast Gap Consulting, LLC Crops v5 United States of America
Kizilok, Seda Crops v5, QMS v5, GRASP v1, SPRING v1 Turkey
Budin, Mariana Carla Plants v6, Crops v5, GRASP v1, QMS v5 Argentina
Tôrres da Cunha, Flávia Crops v5 Brazil
Alegría Matus , Alvaro Agroapprouch Crops v5, Livestock v5 Chile
Mondragón, Geraldine Plants v6, Crops v5 Peru
Ubisse, Amos Alberto A.A.U Technical Limitada Plants v6, Crops v5, QMS v5, localg.a.p. Mozambique
Felicity Matewa, Dr. Chido Erica Fachs Private Limited Crops v5, GRASP v1 Zimbabwe
Esay Danışmanlık Crops v5 Turkey
Standart Hyzmat Crops v5 Turkmenistan
Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) Crops v5 Tanzania