Accelerating Progress Towards Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals Through Capacity Building

The agriculture and the agribusiness sector remain the backbone of economic activity, employment and improved livelihoods in the rural and urban areas of many countries around the world. Strengthening the sector and adding value to agricultural raw materials are instrumental in enhancing food and nutritional security, stimulating economic growth, and reducing poverty in a sustainable manner. This is also reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the global community.

Developing and upscaling local expertise to encourage farmers to adopt safe and responsible practices and to connect them to regional and international markets has proven to be crucial for a successful food system transformation. By channeling information and knowledge through our trainers, experts, and large network of independent consultants, the Registered Trainers for GLOBALG.A.P. Standards, producers are enabled to make informed commercial decisions and receive professional guidance on their way towards certification and exploring new market opportunities.

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