GLOBALG.A.P. Advisory Board

The GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat welcomed the current Advisory Board members to the Board meeting on November 18 + 19, 2019, which marks the official beginning of their term.

The Advisory Board is made up of an equal number of elected producer and retailer representatives and is chaired by one of its members. Working very closely with the operational GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat in Cologne, its tasks involve determining strategy, designing the standards setting procedure, adopting standards and rules, and providing the legal framework for regulating the certification bodies.

To enlarge the Advisory Board, two producer/supplier seats and two retailer seats were open for election. These seats were reserved for candidates from Africa, Asia/Pacific or the Americas. Additionally, two retailer seats were re-elected by majority vote.


Producer/ Supplier Board Members

Retailer Board Members