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Flowers & Ornamentals Focus Group

GLOBALG.A.P. will be updating its Flowers & Ornamentals (F&O) standard. A group of expert stakeholders that can support the process with their views and guidance has been created. The application phase ended in August 2019.

The Focus Group consists of stakeholders who are experts in the field of flowers and ornamentals production. These group members do not have to be members of GLOBALG.A.P.  The minimum number of members of the Focus Group is six  (6), of which at least one   (1) GLOBALG.A.P. Retail and Food Service member and at least one   (1) GLOBALG.A.P. Producer and Supplier member. At least one member of the Focus Group shall be a Crops Technical Committee member.

The objective of the revised version is to serve as a guiding tool towards environmental sustainability in floriculture, by implementing good agricultural practices and safe working conditions.

The process will have an initial phase that lasts from September until December 2019. The focus will be to identify key topics and how to approach them:

  • Focus on criteria that are applicable and specific to flowers and ornamentals.
  • Identify areas in the standard that shall be strengthened, especially regarding the approach on environmental aspects. 
  • Identify criteria, which may be difficult to comply with by producers, understand the reasons why, and verify if alternative criteria aimed at the same objective can be included.

The second phase took place during 2020 where drafts 1 and 2 were prepared based on Focus Group input, and shared during public consultations 1 and 2. The data-driven approach to environmental sustainability spun off and developed into an Impact-Driven Approach (IDA) Add-on, to use on top of the current version IFA FO V5.2 and an independent IDA module. These were published in November 2020.

For 2021 a new version (V6) of the Flowers and Ornamentals standards is planned to be approved by the GLOBALG.A.P. Advisory Board in September 2021.

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Chairperson: Ximena Franco / Florverde

Vice-chairperson: Martin de la Harpe / Consultant

GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat: Juan Carlos Isaza

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