GRASP Technical Committee GRASP Technical Committee

GRASP Technical Committee (GRASP TC)

The GRASP TC, made up of seven GLOBALG.A.P. retailer and seven producer members, decides on sector related technical interpretation of the GRASP add-on and revises the section about workers’ health, safety, and welfare of the Integrated Farm Assurance standard. It also reviews related communication and advises the Board in strategic and technical development when called upon.

Chairperson: Jacco Vooijs, LTO Glaskracht

Vice-chairperson: André Radlinsky, Migros

Board liaison: Gary Jones, New Zealand Apples and Pears Inc

GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat: Nolan Quiros

To learn more about the Technical Committees, please send an email to:

Download the Terms of Reference for the GRASP TC here.

For a list of Technical Committee meetings, click here.

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