Gaining GRIP Status Points

Activity   Status Points     Applies to

Participation in min. 2 hour global webinar


Committee members*

Participation in min. 4 hour face-to-face global
Committee meeting day

       2       Committee members*
Min. 4 hour face-to-face chaired NTWG
meeting day by active Chair or NTWG Host

1 (max. 4 per year)

        NTWG Chairperson**
Active Chair and Vice-Chair of any Committee   4 (once per election)        Committee*/ NTWG




GRIP Conditions and Benefits

    Status Points     Applies to
Status Levels


Bronze: 4 points
Silver: 8 points
Gold: 10 points
Platinum: 11+ points

    Committee*/ NTWG chairperson**
Transferring Points    The status is not transferable to another
person in the company.
       Committee*/ NTWG chairperson**


- Public visibility on the GLOBALG.A.P. website beginning with the
Bronze level.

- Members have the possibility to add a claim on their business card
and mail footer

- GRIP Status will be displayed with company logo on name badge
for selected GLOBALG.A.P. events (such as SUMMIT)

      Committee*/ NTWG chairperson



Forever, for GLOBALG.A.P. members

For non-members: 18 months

    Committee*/ NTWG chairperson



*Committee members = any member of the GLOBALG.A.P. Board, Committees or Focus Groups 
**NTWG chairperson = any chairperson/host of a GLOBALG.A.P. National Technical Working Group

If you wish to apply for the GRIP Program, please send an email to: