By filling in the Declaration of Membership form below, I hereby recognize the NTWG Terms of Reference that have been agreed and signed by members of the Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture - GLOBALG.A.P. :

I commit to responding to consumer concerns on food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection and worker welfare by:

  • Encouraging the adoption of commercially viable farm assurance schemes, which promote the minimization of agrochemical inputs, within Europe and worldwide.
  • Developing a Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) Framework for benchmarking existing farm assurance schemes and standards including traceability.
  • Providing guidance for continuous improvement and the development and understanding of best practice.
  • Establishing a single recognized framework for independent verification.
  • Communicating and consulting openly with consumers and key partners, including producers, exporters and importers

I commit to contributing to the work of the National Technical Working Group and attending at least 50 percent of the meetings per year.

Download: NTWG Terms of Reference - EN