Host a National Technical Working Group in Your Country

GLOBALG.A.P. National Technical Working Groups can only be hosted by GLOBALG.A.P. members. If you’re interested in hosting a NTWG, first call on interested parties to join you as members. Once the group members are established, you can start your registration process:

  1. Download the NTWG Terms of Reference linked below and read them carefully to be clear on your duties and responsibilities.
  2. All your NTWG members must fill in the online NTWG registration form. This is available here or click on the link below.
  3. As the GLOBALG.A.P. member hosting the NTWG, sign the NTWG Terms of Reference linked below and send it to the NTWG Secretariat.
  4. Once approved, your NTWG can initiate its first meeting, elect a chairperson, and forward its plan to the Secretariat.
  5. The GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat will send an e-mail with details how to access the exclusive NTWG Extranet to each approved NTWG member. The access is by invitation only. In the NTWG Extranet you can upload your documents and exchange information with other NTWG members.


To NTWG Extranet To NTWG Extranet

Connect to NTWG Extranet

Access to this exclusive platform is by invitation only. NTWG members can upload documents, exchange/share and chat with other NTWG members. Should you experience any problems logging in, please contact the NTWG Secretariat.