“We  thrive to keep our position of fostering and supporting the development of  food safety for our perishable food chain, especially fruit and vegetables. Therefore we became a GLOBALG.A.P. member.”, noted Prof. Márcio Milan, current superintendent of ABRAS.

Broad relationship

Created on November 11, 1968, the entity created a broad relationship network with society, with government agencies and various national and international institutions. ABRAS participates in a network with 27 affiliated state supermarket associations, always focusing on store evolution; encouraging healthy exchanges with suppliers and also focuses on the interests of the consumers and the evolution of the consumer market in the country.

The company is headquartered in Sao Paulo (SP) with an additional office in Brasilia (DF) and accounts for more than 5% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) and generates more than 1, 8 million direct jobs.

Actively involved in the Brazilian fruit and vegetables chain

Since 2006, the Brazilian Supermarket Association has been actively involved in the Brazilian fruit and vegetables chain, supporting the dialogue between producers, distributors, supermarkets and the government to develop sustainable agricultural practices. This guarantees food safety to the consumer.

During all these years, the entity participated in discussions on traceability, monitoring of chemical residues, waste and quality of perishable foods. In 2012, after studies and practical validation of the methodology, ABRAS launched the Traceability and Food Monitoring Program, RAMA. During the 8 years of the program, between its conception and the sharing of results. The focus was to act as a facilitating agent, building a basic information organization to guide the food chain to identify opportunities to improve and qualify the grower till the supermarket.

Action plan Brazil

In February 2019, during a visit to Fruit Logística, Mr. Milan met Mr. Flavio Alzueta, Chief Marketing Officer of GLOBALG.A.P., for the definition and action plan in Brazil. As general lines of joint action, the entities foresee the revision of the normative documents for the localg.a.p. and GLOBALG.A.P. certification, access to GLOBALG.A.P. database, development of training material and technical guidance for producers, distributors, supermarkets and consultants.

As next steps, GLOBALG.A.P. and ABRAS will validate the 2019-2020 work plan in line with the RAMA Program.

For more information about the RAMA Program, go to www.abras.com.br/rama

For more information about ABRAS access the site www.abrasnet.com.br (in Portuguese)

Photo: Prof. Márcio Milan, superintendent of ABRAS