Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, one of Europe’s largest fruit and vegetable production regions, Çukurova Technology Development Zone Executive Inc. (Çukurova Technopark Inc.). Çukurova Technology was established in Adana, Turkey, in 2005. The cornerstone of the technology park’s activities is the Agricultural Innovation and Excellence Center, established to meetthe demands of producers, exporters, and consumers on the crucial topic of food safety.

Promoting cross-sector collaboration 

Çukurova Technopark was founded with a clear purpose – to boost research opportunities by fostering deeper and more effective collaboration between academic institutions and industry in the region. The creation of synergies between universities and industry stakeholders enables the development of technologies to increase competitiveness and improve infrastructure, ultimately transforming research into economic value.  

Çukurova Technopark hosts over 100 research and development companies, as well as the Technology Transfer Office, the Adana Entrepreneurship Center, Incubation Center, Patent Office, and the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network Eastern Mediterranean Office. Over 20,000m² of greenhouse space was built for agricultural research and development activitieson the site.

Farm to fork traceability  

The traceability of fruit and vegetable production from field to consumer has become a major driving force for farmers. Çukurova Technopark has been rapidly developing the infrastructure to be the first access point for this topic in the region, and in this context, GLOBALG.A.P. is seen as one of the most important partners for collaboration. 

Trainings, seminars, and workshops will now be arranged to raise awareness of traceability and certification, identified by the Agricultural Innovation and Excellence Centeras one of the key issues for producers and supply chain stakeholders.  

Çukurova Technopark has prioritized the promotion of certification and analysis services and hopes to become an influential voice in Turkey’s farming sector.