NABG is an organized private sector platform working together to grow Nigeria's agricultural economy, creating jobs and lifting millions out of poverty. “By joining GLOBALG.A.P., we are committing our integrity and willingness to comply with the standards acceptable to customers around the world.”, Detoun Abbi-Olaniyan (NTWG – NIGERIA).

Our investments cut across the entire value chain from input to output markets, including export markets, equipment, and consumer foods manufacturing. We strive to engage the government at all levels in setting policy directions and regulatory reforms to enable sustainable inclusive socio-economic growth. Together, we are helping to ensure food security and nutrition, creating systemic linkages between small, medium, and large agribusiness enterprises. We are working together as stakeholders in agriculture to diversify the economy of Nigeria away from oil and gas towards agricultural industrialization.

We recognize our role as the engine of economic growth with the government creating an enabling environment for agribusinesses to thrive.

We represent the faces of agribusiness in Nigeria, speaking with a unified voice to identify and provide solution options to resolve issues and challenges and to identify new opportunities for sustainable growth. We recognize that farmers are the largest private sector group in Nigeria. We promote the principles of inclusive growth and sustainability through gender sensitivity engagements and creating employment opportunities for our youths in a structured manner. We work with all levels of government and with Development Partners to drive sustainable growth in Nigeria's agricultural sector.

Umbrella organization in Nigeria

As the umbrella body of all agricultural and allied associations in Nigeria, NABG has the people, platform, resources, network of organisations (private companies, associations, and national/international relationships) and contacts, and an inclusive stakeholder approach to development of agribusiness. We are efficient; leveraging an existing cohesive platform that has the respect and confidence of the public and private sector in Nigeria to always do what is in the best interest of Nigerian agribusiness.

NABG is a group of men and women with demonstrable track records. We are passionate in our resolve to not only run thriving agribusinesses but also to see that modern agricultural practice takes root in our minds to transform the perception and practice of agriculture throughout Nigeria until it becomes the norm. Central to this is a complete implementation of good agricultural practices, sustainability, traceability, total quality and food safety management systems that GLOBALG.A.P. represents across the various value chains.

Why  we joined GLOBALG.A.P.?

“GLOBALG.A.P. represents the missing link between producers, growers, small-holder farmers in Nigeria and consumers (buyers, importers, end-users, retail chain stores) of agricultural produce around the globe. By joining GLOBALG.A.P., we are committing our integrity and willingness to comply with the standards acceptable to customers around the world.

This enables us to trade across borders and simplifies export processes, thereby creating immense opportunities for Nigerian growers to work as a team in our quest to provide safe and healthy food inputs globally.

These standards will also be localized and integrated into the Nigerian Agricultural practices going forward, creating a system that will become a part of our farming practices for generations to come.” Detoun Abbi-Olaniyan (NTWG – NIGERIA).