A group of Japanese high schoolers from the Izumo Agricultural and Forestry High School toured the GLOBALG.A.P. headquarters on Wednesday, 21 August.

True to its name, their school trains students in food, animal, and crop sciences. Part of the curriculum includes jam manufacturing and bamboo and seedless grape production.

GLOBALG.A.P. in the Classroom

The five students who came to tour headquarters have been learning about good agricultural practices (G.A.P.) in class using the GLOBALG.A.P. system. During their visit, they learned more about GLOBALG.A.P.’s members, products, and services.

The students said they found the information hard to absorb because it was all new to them and because they were not experienced growers. They agreed that starting to learn the material now in high school would help them when using it later in their careers.

One of the students said he was planning to return to farming after graduation. He wanted to be a G.A.P. ambassador to educate other farmers about the principles he had learned in the classroom.

Back in Japan…

After returning to Japan, the students will work toward keeping their school’s grape production GLOBALG.A.P. certified. They will perform the risk assessment as part of a class project. The school has received the GLOBALG.A.P. certificate last year for the first time.

Being certified, the grapes can be marketed for use by athletes in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, since GLOBALG.A.P. is the recognized standard for the games. The grapes from certified production will also be eligible for export.

But that’s not the most important outcome of learning G.A.P. in the classroom, because now there’s a new generation of Japanese stakeholders who understand and appreciate food and workplace safety and environmental protection.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Who better to pave the way for a safer, more sustainable future of food production in Japan?

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