The Future of Farm Certification Begins

Cologne/Berlin, 9 February: GLOBALG.A.P. presented updated statistics for 2016 and new partners for farm certification of fruit and vegetables at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

In 2016 one major challenge was the date on which the new GLOBALG.A.P. Standard Version 5 became mandatory. Nevertheless, the global number of fruit and vegetable growers under GLOBALG.A.P. Certification increased by 9.5 % to 168,060.

The number of growers adopting GRASP (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment for Social Practices) increased by 116 %, thus more than doubling. That means that six months before the deadline that a number of major retail buyers set for the farms supplying them for conducting the social risk assessment, nearly 30,000 farms, i.e. 17 % of all GLOBALG.A.P. growers, already have a GRASP assessment.


For those who opted for a full social audit, such as SIZA, the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa, the possibility was presented to demonstrate their social compliance via a record in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database next to their GGN. “By recognizing GLOBALG.A.P. Certification as the foundation and pre-requisite for a SIZA audit, we can reduce duplication for our farms,” said Anton Rabe, Director of SIZA. “ The partnership with GLOBALG.A.P. allowed us to display the SIZA audit in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database, so that our clients can review the status of all our South African growers via the GGN search and bookmarking in one place.”


About SIZA

SIZA, the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa, is enabling the South African agriculture sector to become a global leader in sustainable, ethical trade and environmental stewardship. It has been harmonizing global ethical trade requirements in a South Africa context since 2008. Furthermore, it improves supply chain sustainability, ensuring compliance and reducing risks, while at the same time supporting and training with regard to best practices and continuous improvement.
Verification is via 3 rd party audits. Supply chain visibility is provided via electronic databases, the reputation of suppliers and retailers is protected, and duplication and costs are kept at a minimum.

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Founded in 2013 by Osnat Michaeli, Erez Galonska and Guy Galonska, INFARM is the first vertical farming company that has been GLOBALG.A.P. certified. The audit was carried out by SGS Germany in 2016. The certification company took an active part in performing this pilot audit by verifying the GLOBALG.A.P. Control Points and Compliance Criteria under the specific conditions of indoor farming.

The Berlin-based company, with a diverse team of plant scientists, engineers, designers and business professionals, designs and develops highly efficient modular vertical farming technology to grow fresh, nutritious produce in strategic centers of consumption throughout a city. Erez Galonska, Co-Founder and CEO said, "As the first vertical farming company to be certified by GLOBALG.A.P., this significant mark of quality will grant us an unparalleled access to the food industry. The certification allows INFARM to be confident in the knowledge that we are offering our customers the best quality products possible."

The first working farms are at METRO Cash & Carry Berlin and Makro Antwerp. With the belief that the food system should be decentralized and food production should get closer to the consumer, INFARM’s grow-on-site approach offers an alternative food system that is responsive and transparent, while allowing for significant improvement in the safety, quality and environmental footprint of food.

GGN: 4056186901897

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GLOBALG.A.P. is a leading global certification program whose mission is to bring farmers and retailers together to produce and market safe food in order to protect scarce resources and build a sustainable future.

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