In March 2020, two producers with greenhouses from the ROST group successfully obtained GLOBALG.A.P. certification and are GRASP-assessed, audited by the certification body EUROCERT S.A. They became one of only a few agricultural companies in Russia assessed according to GRASP requirements. As lead auditor Dimitris Goulas notes, ROST is a pioneering company not just in terms of production methods, but also in the implementation of its social responsibility for employees.

Growing vegetables all year round

In northern countries like Russia, proper nutrition is especially important for maintaining and strengthening the immune system in winter. ROST represents several brand-new greenhouses located in different regions of Russia. Four high-tech greenhouses are already in operation in the central, south, and Ural regions.

All greenhouses are equipped with a plant supplementary lighting system. The most advanced technologies include harvest and perennial harvest forecasting, a weather station, a microclimate control system, and software for monitoring and analysis of plant growth. All processes are automatically regulated, including the work of the energy center, the plant supplementary lighting system, greenhouse temperatures, ventilation systems, humidity, watering, and nutrition.

Sweet and local

With its slogan “Grown nearby”, ROST emphasizes its closeness to the customer. And the ROST group has indeed undertaken the vital mission of growing tasty and healthy vegetables near the main sales regions all year round. The collection, sorting, and delivery of products through the network only takes a couple of days, which allows the tomatoes and cucumbers to be harvested at optimum maturity.

ROST also offers innovation through the creation of premium tomato and cucumber brands. Their Medovye (“honey”) cherry tomatoes were the first to appear on the market with exceptional sweetness (10 on the Brix chart, compared to the usual 5–7 from competitors).

Expansion in the region

In the Moscow region, ROST has its own fully equipped 20,000m 2 logistics center, from which it supplies the biggest chains of supermarkets and distributors with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Each greenhouse also has a modern warehouse. There are more than 1,300 people working in the ROST group companies, and the company continues to expand its presence in the region. By 2022, ROST plans to increase its greenhouse area up to 300ha through acquisitions and by building further greenhouses.
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Contents reached us via Ekaterina Konysheva, EUROCERT S.A.

Photo credit: ROST