Country Uruguay

Milagro S.A. is a citrus growing and exporting company in Uruguay founded in 1988. Since 2003 it is part of San Miguel, a lemon growing company in Argentina. It manages more than 4,000 hectares (ha) of fields distributed over 11 orchards producing around 40,000 tons. The citrus plantations cover approx. 2,000 ha. It also operates a juice processing factory with 10 tons/hr. squeezing capacity and a state of the art nursery covering the needs of new plantations for the company, with 75,000 plants per year (equivalent to 150 ha of plantation). It has two packinghouses of 810 tons/hour input capacity each, exports 50% of its fruit (20,000 tons), and sources another 10,000 tons from 8 small and medium-sized third-party growers.

Milagro achieved GLOBALG.A.P. Certification for its first two farms in 2003. Today 9 farms, one packinghouse and the nursery are certified, with the last 2 farms and the second packinghouse to be certified in 2013. The first nursery in Uruguay and one of the first in South America to be certified, Milagro also invests time and effort to promote GLOBALG.A.P. to its third-party growers; three achieved certification in 2012 and the remaining five are working towards their certification in 2013. Milagro manages a centralized system with10 internal GLOBALG.A.P.-trained auditors, including a leader auditor in ISO 22000. Milagro has implemented a traceability system that ensures perfect product tracking from the block on the field to the packaged product. It colaborates very closely with the government for the conservation of protected areas, and works with labor unions and government bodies, building capacity in different areas of work for a lot of people including the disabled, who make up 10% of packing employees. It also analyzes and reduces its energy consumption and recycles different materials.

"Milagro has demonstrated in the past and today its commitment to GLOBALG.A.P. and its philosophy, adopting the standard as a method of managing the company production, which means benefits for the company, the employees and the environment."  


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