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Image of four farm workers holding boxes of fruit and vegetable produce after harvest

Global smart farm assurance solutions

We offer a portfolio of robust, streamlined, and easy-to-use solutions for the certification of agriculture, aquaculture, and floriculture production processes. With our standards, delivery services, and capacity building program, we foster the global adoption of safer and more sustainable farming practices in more than 130 countries worldwide.

About us

What we do

We set standards for primary production and the supply chain. From fruits and flowers to fish and feed, our portfolio is based on a robust third-party certification system that is developed in collaboration with sector stakeholders and strengthened by a framework of smart IT systems. Our holistic solutions and broader activities support the six key impact areas of food safety, environmental sustainability, workers’ well-being, animal welfare, supply chain transparency, and capacity building.

GLOBALG.A.P. in numbers

Technical experts 1, Technical experts, committees, focus groups, GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat, governance, industry, strategy, Benchmarking Committees
20+ years of experience

in the agriculture, floriculture, and aquaculture sectors

Document 6, Document, checklist, harmonization, combined, audit
10+ standards

for primary production processes and the supply chain

Standard setting 1, Standard setting, solutions, strategy, collaboration, technical experts
8+ add-ons

for flexible and cost-efficient customization

Producer 1, Producer, farmer, stakeholder, supply chain, farm-level, smallholder
195,000+ producers

under GLOBALG.A.P. certification

Events 1, Events, TOUR stops, global, worldwide, international, network, capacity building
130+ countries

with GLOBALG.A.P. certificate holders

Certification Body 1, Certification body, CB, auditor, audit, assessment
180+ certification bodies

approved to audit and assess GLOBALG.A.P. standards

Farm 1, Farm, producer, agriculture, plants, crops
4.3 million+ hectares

of certified plant production annually

Aquaculture 2, Aquaculture, aquatic species, product category, fish, mollusc, crustacean
2.5 million+ metric tons

of certified aquaculture production annually

Compound Feed 2, Compound feed, aquaculture, product, market
21 million+ metric tons

of certified compound feed production annually

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Smart Checklist Builder

Use our Smart Checklist Builder to easily understand which GLOBALG.A.P. smart farm assurance solutions are recommended for your production practices and generate a personalized checklist for your self-assessment.

Our flagship standards

Icon for Integrated Farm Assurance for fruit and vegetables
Integrated Farm Assurance for fruit and vegetables

IFA is a global standard for safe and responsible farming practices in fruit and vegetable production.

Icon for Integrated Farm Assurance for flowers and ornamentals
Integrated Farm Assurance for flowers and ornamentals

IFA is a global standard for safe and responsible farming practices in flower and ornamental production.

Icon for Integrated Farm Assurance for aquaculture
Integrated Farm Assurance for aquaculture

IFA is a global standard for safe and responsible farming practices in aquaculture production.

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Who we work with

Fostering the global adoption of safer and more sustainable farming practices is a collective effort, which is why the GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat works with a global network of stakeholder parties. Through working groups, our 430-strong GLOBALG.A.P. Membership Community from all sides of the value chain, or capacity-building partners and industry experts, we strive to connect with as many contributors as possible. 

Working with GLOBALG.A.P standards since 1997, I have seen the change they’ve brought – not only from the food safety perspective that is so important to consumers, but also as a practical tool that helps improve social and environmental sustainability in the lives of smallholders all over the world.

Manal Saleh

Founder and General Manager of Blue Moon LLC and Associate GLOBALG.A.P. Community Member | Egypt

Thank you to all our GLOBALG.A.P. Community Members for your support!

From major retailers to independent agricultural consultants, all our community members provide valuable insights and support in improving our solutions.

Latest news

A man and woman working in a field to harvest cabbages.

13 November 2023

Applicability of GRASP v2 extended and transition period for new fees

The GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat communicates two key decisions to support the transition to IFA v6 for all stakeholders.

Add-ons to core solutions
Core solutions
Workers’ well-being
SPRING Add-on V2 for Responsible Water Management

20 September 2023

New SPRING add-on v2 for responsible water management available now

The updated SPRING add-on version 2 was launched on 5 September 2023 with recognition from both the WWF Spain and the SIFAV.

Add-ons to core solutions
Environmental sustainability
Image of fruit with the GGN label on a display stand in the retailer Globus in Germany

GGN label

The GGN label is a cross-category consumer label that stands for certified, responsible farming and transparency. Applicable to fruit and vegetables, farmed seafood, and flowers and plants which have been produced in line with GLOBALG.A.P. standards, the GGN label helps you improve your competitive edge and grow trust in your brand by making responsible farming visible on store shelves.

Next steps

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For producers

Find out which GLOBALG.A.P. smart farm assurance solution is right for you and explore the path to certification.

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For certification bodies

Become a GLOBALG.A.P. approved certification body (CB), expand your auditing scope, or manage your status.

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For buyers

Learn how GLOBALG.A.P. certification and GLOBALG.A.P. Community Membership can benefit your supply chains.

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For media/press

Learn more about the GLOBALG.A.P. certification system, read our latest news and updates, or contact the press office.

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