Name Selina Wamucii Limited
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Country Kenya


Selina Wamucii LTD's GLOBALG.A.P.  certified farm is located in Central Kenya. It is an avocado farm that produces both fuerte and hass variety avocados, which we then sell to our clients who are spread around the world. We have also grown to become a smallholder specialist company that uses technology to streamline and revolutionize the growing, sourcing, handling, value addition and distribution of high quality produce from Kenyan smallholder farms.

The company utilizes a business model that is profitable and empowering to smallholder farmers, by training and supporting them to implement Good Agricultural Practices that guarantee safe and sustainable farming.

The company's story begins with two smallholder women farmers named Selina Nyanchoka (1946 - 2011) and Esther Wamucii Gaita (1939 – present) - the mothers of the company's founding directors John Oroko & Gaita Wamucii. Being raised by smallholders instilled in the young pair the importance of the work done by these unheralded farmers and the challenges smallholder farmers face trying to sell their products. Selina Wamucii was thus born with a dream of linking smallholder farmers to a stable and guaranteed market.


1. Increased Smallholder Income

By training and offering expert agronomic services to over 6,800 smallholder farmers, we have not only managed to increase the yield but also the quality of all produce that is sourced from them–always at higher prices, which in turn leads to an overall increase in returns for the farmers.

2. Mobile Smallholder System
Advantages of our system:

i)               Digitized produce traceability.

ii)              Transparent payments to farmers without delay. The payment transactions are cashless and secure, i.e. by by mobile money.

iii)            Farmers can keep their sales records and use them to request to be advanced with inputs and/or financing.

iv)             Instant mobile-based information resources.

3. Streamlined Smallholder Supply Chain
By creating a model that guarantees immediate payment to farmers, we are helping to streamline the supply chain by using locally-trained agents who play a critical role that entails guiding farmers on planting and maintenance, ensuring quality picking, collection, and eventual transportation. This has led to minimized fresh produce losses, increase in volumes and higher earnings for the smallholder farmers.

4. Kenya Avocado Oil
Selina Wamucii is a pioneer company in Kenya to produce and export cold pressed avocado oil from avocado fruits that are sourced directly from smallholder farmers. The main types of avocado oil produced include cold pressed extra virgin avocado oil and cold pressed crude avocado oil. The oil is used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Avocado Smallholder Association of Kenya (ASAK)
Selina Wamucii is a founding member of the Avocado Smallholder Association of Kenya (ASAK), whose mandate is to take care of the welfare of avocado smallholder farmers by taking active involvement in aspects such as financing, inputs, cooperatives and farmers' groups.

Benefits to Smallholder Farmers

  • Fair pricing for quality produce.
  • Continuous training on sustainable land use and farming methods.
  • Increased access to better seedling varieties for improved yields.
  • Better adaptation to climate change through timely extension services.

In Figures

  • Working with 6,800+ smallholder farmers and growing.
  • Over 4,200 tons sourced from smallholder farmers in 2015 alone.
  • Over 39 different types of fresh produce sourced from smallholder farmers.
  • Marketing to and selling across 17 countries.

Keeping true to our role of smallholder transformation, Selina Wamucii Limited continues to consistently empower our farmers to guarantee quality produce, and secure sustainable markets to absorb the produce as soon as it's ready. Ours is a passionate commitment to nurture the true stewards of nature's bounty.