Name Akbaş Çiftliği & Akbas Ranch
GGN 4050373932688 Website
Country Turkey


Akbaş Çiftliği & Akbaş Ranch is a member of the GLOBALG.A.P. certified Producer Group KESAP FINDIK URETICILERI BIRLIGI
(GGN: 4049929002388).

Akbaş Çiftliği & Akbaş Ranch was founded by Halil AKBAŞLI in 1984 as an agricultural production area to produce Giresun Greasy Plump hazelnuts and Ordu rattle types of hazelnut species. The ranch is located on a land of 94 decares (1 decare is 1000 m²).

Halil AKBAŞLI was a person who was very much fond of village life, spending almost all of his time on the farm, for 29 years. He was a very busy man, being very well aware of all the details of the land where he planted all of the hazelnut trees and other varieties, and maintaining their growth to the trees they are today. He put all his efforts and innovations into increasing agricultural productivity and his determination led him to spend almost all his earnings on agricultural projects. His hard working personality, his social democratic life perspective, his honesty principles, and the works he created will always be remembered. We will always be proud of the things he has done. We will always remember him with gratitude and appreciation. May God rest him in peace.

The creation that emerged with his determination and efforts is located in Giresun, a central province within the borders of Evren Village. It is 13 km to the town’s center from the village and 10 km from the riverside. It is located 280 meters above sea level. Even though the ranch’s production quantity is variable each year, the average production per hectare is 2,000 kg. In a land of 10 hectares, there are 2.3 km of road, 850 square meters of hazelnut drying fields, a 280-square-meter farmhouse, 0.4 hectares of walnut gardens, and miscellaneous agricultural tools and equipment are available. Apart from these,


  1. Preventing child labor in hazelnut farming.
  2. Improving the social infrastructure (social rights) of seasonal workers in hazelnut farming.
  3. Being an example for the neighboring farms by respecting the nature and raising awareness about environmental protection.
  4. Keeping a logbook about all of the activities related to farming in our farm.
  5. In a country that produces 80% of the world’s hazelnut and exports 85% of this production, Akbaş Çiftliği and Akbaş Ranch is the first hazelnut farm to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. Certification. It promotes GLOBALG.A.P. Certification especially on national television, encouraging local farmers to improve their farming practices.
  6. The labor force engaged in hazelnut collection and other agricultural activities are all covered by social security and safety conditions. Under the umbrella of the “SMILING CHILD” Project ( from 2010 onwards, no children work in our gardens. In our agricultural lands, where İTU and GLOBALG.A.P. certified farming is done, we produce without causing any harm to human beings or the environment. Our production is sustainable, future responsive, traceable, and visible.