Name Jania Katia Barbon Grando
GGN 4052852339742 Website
Country Brazil


Jania Katia is a young woman (32) graduated in business. She decided to start a broiler production at her father’s farm firstly because she likes the countryside work and as a way to get incomes and keep working with her father. First of all, she made a financial plan and achieved the result that a broilers house would be viable.

In 2009 she received the first chicks. The business has been GLOBALG.A.P. certified since the first flock. Jania Katia works in a partnership; her partner is Margarete Aparecida Marioto Gonçalves, another woman, whose husband, an employee of Jania’s father, takes care of the grain production on the same farm.



All the work with the chickens and the GLOBALG.A.P. controls are done by women on this farm.

They are very responsible and involved in a conscious way of production. The amazing thing is how they do this job with passion and involvement. Their role as women is not only to produce broilers; they fully understand the standard of production with quality and biosecurity. The women always have in mind, “I need to do my best, my chicks will be in Europe”. Jania Katia considers Margarete as a partner and not only as an employee. So they share all the activities and work really hard. Today they have 2 broilers house, with an average of 63,000 birds per flock. Jania Katia and Margarete have a total female involvement in GLOBALG.A.P. poultry production and have one hundred percent  dedication. Jania Katia is also a member of the cooperative leaders group.