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Shandong Qihe Biotechnology CO., LTD was established in November 2,000, the registered capital was 31.2 million yuan, and a listed company in Qilu Equity Trusteeship Trading Center, the code 100028. We have been a comprehensive company that was engaged in research and development, cultivation, marketing, export, and so on.

At present, the company covers an area of more than 1,000 acres of edible fungus production, demonstration garden, such as 500 greenhouses, 30,000 square meters of mushroom production workshops for Lentinus edodes, and 35,000 square meters of mushroom production workshops for pleurotus eryngii. We have introduced the advanced numerical control systems, and built a domestic leading environment intelligent control production lines for edible fungus, which includes automatic stirring, automatic bagging, continuous sterilization and aseptic inoculation. We have achieved a large-scale production for the edible fungus, industrialization and high labor efficiency. From the strain management to the products, we have a rounded system. After 10 years of continuous development, the products have been sold to over 20 provinces in China, and exported to oversea markets. Our products have successfully entered the oversea markets such as South Korea, Japan, America, Canada, and Australia. We are determined to make Qihe an international famous brand, make our due contribution to the health of all mankind.

Qihe always adhere to the business idea of “Strengthen Qihe brand, implement standardized production, and develop export-oriented agriculture”. The company focuses on developing overseas markets, implementing the agricultural "going out" strategy with great courage. Qihe first explores a new model of agricultural production and operation mode completely different from domestic enterprises in mushroom industry, which is “cultivating mycellium domestically, cultivating mushroom exotically, and selling mushroom on the spot market”. All these enable us to develop toward a technology-dominated, export-oriented agriculture group.



As an agricultural ecological demonstration enterprise, we selected the barren mountains as our sites, use the agricultural wastes as the raw materials, such as corncob, beanstalk, bagasse, soya bean meal, corn stalk, wheat bran. After production, the wastes can be used as fodder and bio-fertilizer. We also use a water circulation system in the production process. The main water source is natural well water and tap water. Because there is no use of toxic and harmful substances in the process of production, through the pipe to the bottom of sewage treatment, clean water, boiler water and pre-wetting water are collected in a sewage treatment plant. After processing, the water is reused. In general, we have achieved the circular agriculture.

Our company has more than 600 employees, including domestic and abroad, and half of our employees are women, three-fourths employees are young people aged 20 to 40 years old. They have perfect work quality and ability. We provide the scientific research funds and scholarships for many famous universities all the time in China. Domestically, we cooperated with 300 farmers for edible fungus production, through technical training, door-to-door service, and promoting the production technology. We purchase their products based on the product quality and grade standards, and solve the problems in the process of mushroom production and sales, so as to ensure they obtain good economic benefits.

Good Agricultural Practices is a perfect, integrity and significant system. We understand G.A.P. very well and we abide by the specifications strictly at all times, as we have developed to enhance the edible fungus safety, from raw materials to products. We also have improved our workers’ health and safety, such as improving the working conditions, giving them many good welfare and personal insurances, and so on. We make great efforts to share our knowledge and experiences with more and more growers and farmers in our region.