Name Mari Carmen Morales Abad Company Anecoop S.Coop.
Job Title Board Election Applicant Country Spain
Team Supplier/ Crops


Quality and Systems Manager

Mari Carmen's Statement

Nearly 95% of certified Spanish farmers are option 2 (small farmers grouped under one quality system). Anecoop are working side-by-side with GlobalGap since 2000. Today, we keep supporting option 2 as a reliable and sustainable solution for small farmers who, otherwise, would not be able to compete in the market. GlobalGap and its members should lead with firmness a trustworthy and transparent system. I would like to highlight as strong points my position as Quality and Systems Manager of the Spanish largest exporter of fruit and vegetables with trade relations with the European retailing. This circumstance allows me to contribute with different points of view that help balance the relation between growers and retailers, thus helping GLOBALG.A.P. have a reliable and realistic perspective of the situation of the Spanish production sector and its relationship with the market, being able to measure the profitability of the processes.
I am entirely convinced that the social nature of Anecoop, together with our efforts to obtain the best returns for our farmers and to implement systems which ensure food safety fully and sustainability meet GlobalGap’s strategies and interests.

Professional & Educational Background

1995. Agronomist Engineer (Food Industry). Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Valencia, Spain.
2010. Program for Management Development. ESADE Business School, Valencia, Spain.
Professional background:
Agronomist Engineer with expertise in Food Industry, my professional career has always been linked to the fresh fruit and vegetable co-operative sector.
I have a twenty-year experience as Responsible for Quality and Systems, the last nine heading Anecoop’s Q&S Department from the company’s headquarters in Valencia.
Day-by-day duties involve, among others, strategic and technical decision making and team management, schedule coordination to provide adequate technical support to co-operatives and monitoring the correct implementation of pre-harvest and post-harvest programs, as well as the naturane System and other standard certifications to ensure Food Safety and Sustainable Agriculture. Constant feedback from large distribution chains and retailers is a key element to achieve our goals.

Other affiliations relevant to candidacy

ANECOOP S. COOP. Valencia, Spain. Member of the Executive Committee.
As a member of the Executive Committee I have frequent contact with Anecoop’s subsidiaries all over Europe: Anecoop France & IFS, Solagora (for organic), FESA Uk., 4 Fruit Holland, Anecoop Praha, Anecoop Polska and Agrikoop in Moscow.
FESA Uk. Spalding, Great Britain. Member of the Governing Board. Since 2016.
GLOBALGAP Cologne, Germany. Member of the Board. In 2011 I was elected Member of the Board of GlobalGAP representing the grower’s interests. GlobalGAP is a not-for-profit organization that works to assure safe, sustainable agricultural production worldwide.
AECOC. Barcelona, Spain. Member of the Fruit and Vegetable Committee. AECOC represents GS1 in Spain.
FRESHFEL. Brussels, Belgium. Member of the Food Safety Workshop. FRESHFEL is the forum for the European fresh fruits and vegetable chain.
ITENE. Valencia, Spain. Member of the Governing Board. ITENE is a Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research Centre. It is a non-profit association that works for any company in which packaging, transport and logistics are the source of competitive advantages.