Name SA San Miguel
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Country Argentina


San Miguel is a fruit and vegetable company, producer and exporter established in 1954, based in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, where operations began. San Miguel is also established in Uruguay and South Africa with farms, packaging and factory facilities.

San Miguel has 1,200 direct employees, and staff can reach up to 6,500 employees per month during the high season.

San Miguel farms cover a surface planted of 7,200 hectares and are located in strategic areas for agro citrus production. As a worldwide leading company in the fruit business, we carry out a process of continuous improvement in our management practices in terms of social responsibility balancing economic, social and environmental aspects. We focus on the execution of a complex logistics process, which ensures a good service delivered to our customers. In turn, we guarantee food safety and environmental care on all products that we produce, working with high quality standards in all processes certified by international accrediting organisms.

Our vision is to be the leading company of fresh citrus from the southern hemisphere as well as of value added fruit and vegetable industrialized by products.

Our values:

  1. Integrity: We act in an ethical, respectful and honest way. We are transparent and trustworthy. We assume responsibility and honor agreements.
  2. Value Creation: We manage the company’s assets and resources as our own. We are entrepreneurial innovators, seeking opportunities to make our company grow with a global and integrating mentality. We learn from our mistakes and we challenge the status quo, continuously improving our processes. We deliver results in an efficient and sustainable way.
  3. Customer Orientation: We strive to serve and help our customers–be they internal or external. We try to understand and satisfy their needs and we provide solutions. Our customers and the market are our first priority and we project our initiatives from right there.
  4. Team Spirit: We pursue a common goal, subordinating personal goals to team objectives. We listen to others to understand and we ask for help. We promote constructive criticism and feedback fostering open and honest debate. We treat every individual inside and outside our organization with respect, trust and dignity. We support and value diversity.
  5. Environmental and Social Responsibility: We take care of the environment. We promote personal growth of those who are part of our organization and favor the development of our community. We consider respect for legislation and human rights the necessary conditions for sustained growth.



In San Miguel, we understand Social Responsibility Policy as a conscious and coherent commitment to comply with the mission statement of the company considering the expectations of all stakeholders within the economic, social and environmental aspect, showing respect for ethical values for the people, the community, the environment and strengthening the common good.

We strive to generate knowledge and raise awareness in our value chain, promoting the acquisition and support of the principles and practices of sustainability.

In San Miguel we analyzed alternatives for necessary job roles in our business that may be covered by people with some disability. In this way with the support and advice of Foundation Discar and Minka (Argentina) we finalized the induction process to employ a person with mental disability in our industrial plant.

In Uruguay, in conjunction with Serinf, as a training institution and PROCLADIS we developed the Packaging Operating Project, a training project aimed at disabled people in the city of Young, providing them with the necessary tools that may enable them to strengthen their work prospects, favoring their social inclusion. The courses are aimed at people with minor mental disabilities, people with hearing disabilities, or some problem in mobility of their lower limbs. They include support for work inclusion, follow-up and therapeutic aid. They work with a multi-disciplinary team, specialized coaches, psychologists, social workers, etc. Moreover, it includes coaches from specific areas: the citrus and packing areas, proposed by the organization.

We believe that global competition will require different skills and abilities of all individuals. Through the Fairness Labor Plan, we embark on social transformation process to overcome barriers in the work environment and accelerate the training and promotion of individuals belonging to vulnerable groups. This is a 5-year plan. It is an initiative promoted by the Labor Department of South Africa. Its objective is to promote equal opportunities and eliminate any sort of unfair discrimination from the workplace. It also involves the implementation of positive action for disadvantaged groups, which guarantees equal representation at all occupational levels in the workplace.

San Miguel has a school-finishing program for their employees. Other program is called “ employability” where the employee is provided of tools to strengthen their performance at work.

San Miguel has a medical service; it carries out actions of prevention, assistance and evaluation of employees’ health.

San Miguel has implemented a well-being program, encouraging the promotion of health habits within Company premises and in people´s personal lives:

1. Smoke-free company.

2. Advice on healthy nutrition, nutritional assessments, consultations and monitoring of professional staff that requests are made.

3. Exercise at work.

4. Annual Marathon solidarity, which works to help the “Fundación al Niño Necesitado”.

5. Employee Aid Program in Argentina: This program aims to prevent pathologies and problems related to alcohol consumption, to avoid the use of alcohol during working hours, and contribute to the rehabilitation of those people who might need it.

6. HIV Campaign in South Africa: We carry out awareness and HIV prevention campaigns. We have implemented the Mobile Clinic, which allows people from the community in the vicinity to our farms to have free medical check-ups done and the possibly to receive the necessary medication for free.

7. At San Miguel, we have made a commitment as a member of the communities we belong to contribute to the improvement of their quality of life. To this end, we constantly allocate human, technical resources to the generation of share capital. Some of the incentives we perform are:

a. Nutritional assistance to rural schools: The aim of this initiative is to contribute to satisfy children’s nutritional needs in order to prevent or correct deficiencies in the general health and help enhance their school performance providing with necessary food. San Miguel cooperates with non-perishable food items in conjunction with Fundación Banco de Alimentos in order to supplement state assistance guaranteeing a healthy and balanced diet to the 1,600 children at the 2 schools in rural areas located near our farms in Argentina.

b. Nutrition Program: A specialist in nutrition analyses the program in which San Miguel provides food for children in pre-school age. With their professional advice nutritional status of students is evaluated for the presence of critical cases of malnutrition and obesity. Training and awareness on nutrition education is provided through workshops for children, their parents and educators. Cooking workshops and folders with detailed recipes are delivered to meet the needs of children in their stage of growth and development.

c. Creser Program: With clear objective of helping the school making their students remain at school, thus avoiding their dropping out, we work with Asociacion Conciencia. The first step was to carry out an initial survey on the current situation and basic needs and current assessment of the 7 schools in rural areas we work with. Based on this assessment, we defined activities for each line of action, for example healthy life habits, supportive pedagogical actions and strengthening of learning abilities in students, artistic and sports activities to develop socio and emotional activities and to promote values.

d. Survey on Basic Needs: With the aim of getting to know more deeply the dynamics and socio-economic reality of students’ families attending the CreSer program, we have done quantitative research work in conjunction with Asociacion Conciencia, oriented to determine the needs affecting the above mentioned population. The results allowed us to have a clearer view of the general situation and reinforce the importance and impact of the above-mentioned program in place.

e. Corporate Volunteering: At San Miguel we seek to create new instances of interaction between the community and the staff and thus encourage bond of solidarity, commitment, interactions between the company and the players from the communities where we area based. We actively tend to local demands and carry out specific actions, infrastructure repair jobs at schools near our farms, wire fence fixing and setting, among others.

f. Volunteer at Junior Achievement Foundation: The goal of this program is to attract youth entrepreneurship to enable them to achieve their goals within a framework of responsibility and freedom. To this end, they develop educational programs aimed are students between 5 and 11, conducted by volunteering professionals in public and private institutions. The San Miguel’s volunteers are involved in rural schools where the dropout after the initial level is a common problem.

g. Grassroots Soccer is a non-governmental organization that uses the power of soccer to provide youth the knowledge, skills and support to lead healthier lives, specifically with reference to the fight against HIV. San Miguel believes that even under difficult circumstances there is an immense potential in youth to engage themselves in a transformation, al process that will improve their health and wellbeing and that of their communities.

h. FormArte: We encourage the cultural vocation of our staff, their families as well as third party employees through training work-shop oriented towards providing integral artistic coaching both in terms of drawing and different fine arts techniques.

i. Christmas Eve for Everyone: This program is coordinated by CARITAS Arquidiocesana.

j. The aim is to prepare a box for Christmas Eve for a family, living in poverty. San Miguel’s employees who volunteered get familiar with the situation of the people who receive the donation and prepare the box according to their needs.

 8. San Miguel collaborates and supports several foundations:

  1. Fundamind: Aid foundation for help of children affected by poverty and HIV.
  2. Fundalam: Breastfeeding and motherhood foundation.
  3. FANN: Foundation for the aid to Children in need.
  4. ASDRA: Down Syndrome Association of Argentina
  5. Banco de Alimentos
  6. Fundación RAP: Political Action Network
  7. Fundacion NUTRIR-Comin
  8. Fundación CARITAS
  9. Fundación Garrahan
  10. Fedeh: Foundation for the study and control of blood cancer diseases


San Miguel has an absolute commitment to the care and protection of the environment, respecting both local and national standards and following international guidelines on this issue. This commitment is reflected in many implemented programs.

Our main objective aims at an efficient use of natural resources, production and economic profitability over than, contributing to the development of our people and the community working in a sustainable way.

We perform ongoing investments in order to eliminate or minimize adverse environmental impacts by reducing the energy consumption and waste. San Miguel has adopted general guidelines for Good Agricultural Practices from the GLOBALG.A.P.  protocol. In this way we aim to respond to growing consumer concern about the environmental impact as well as health and food-safety, reflecting the desire to improve production standards in cooperation with producers.

Our efforts and objectives are orientated toward minimizing water consumption and reusing it in all those productions stages where the final quality of the product may not be affected.

We carry out in conjunction with Obispo Colombres Agro-Industrial Experimental Station (EEAOC) an audit on water in the whole of the industrial plant with the objective of getting to know and studying improvements in consumption and a more efficient use of water. From the results, the following initiatives were implemented.

In order to ensure rational use of water resources, we use the drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems and drip. Their distinctive feature is their high efficiency nearly 92 percent.

San Miguel has made the calculation of the water footprint of its operations in Argentina and the calculation of the corporate carbon footprint of its most important products, in order to generate and promote strategic solutions aimed to make an inventory of, monitor, report and mitigate the impact caused by atmospheric emissions from daily operations.


Our main objective is to conserve the biological communities present in the region of influence of our activities. In order to achieve this, we work permanently protecting habitats surrounding San Miguel plantations following a policy for preservation of the environment, support an economically sustainable agriculture, looking for minimal environmental impact and implemented through systematic work plans.

Some of the practices implemented:

  • Plantations of native tree species in small areas in order to preserve the biodiversity.
  • Identification of the fauna currently at the site in order to detect possible changes in their population.
  • Preservation of unproductive areas as forest areas flooded, difficult terrain, etc. conservation areas to preserve the natural flora and fauna.

In conjunction with ProYungas Foundation a survey was held of farms in Argentina working with a zoning and conservation plan and monitoring of biodiversity that improves the knowledge, appreciation and conservation of wild areas. 60 percent of 14,000 hectares that represent the whole properties of SA San Miguel in Tucumán are wild.

The properties of SA San Miguel are located in an area with strong environmental contrasts, and have strategic location from an environmental point of view and conservation as they are linked to the network of protected areas in the province. Wild areas presented in farms, correspond to different environments of Yungas in different conservation conditions.