Name Camposol II, Sociedade De Exploração E Comercialização Agricola, Lda
Country Portugal


Farming 625 hectares of sand land, of which 175 hectares is turf grass, on the South-West Coast of Portugal in the heart of a natural park. The mild winter climate allows all year round production with abundant fresh water for irrigation coming from the Santa Clara Dam scheme. We deliver throughout Europe.

Camposol 2 is a company dedicated to the production of grass to be sold in carpets. Our main objective is the production and sale of high quality turf that is used for leisure and sports, delivered to our customers on time and at a fair and affordable price.


Advantages of certification:

  • Free of chemical residues of pesticides that can affect people and animals.
  • Standard quality guaranteed throughout the year
  • Coloration uniform and regular courts
  • Species and varieties that are best suited to our climate
  • Use of varieties that require less water
  • Production system sustainable and environmentally friendly

GGN: 4049929956803