Name Richard Yudin Company Fyffes
Country United Kingdom
Team Supplier / Crops

I believe that GLOBALG.A.P. must continue to be the most practical and pragmatic standard that reconciles the desires of consumers, the requirements of regulators, and what is possible for farmers of all sizes to deliver in an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable manner.  We need  to have a single place where growers can go to obtain all the certifications their customers require in a cost-effective manner, and which marketers can rely on to assure them that the products they purchase are safe and fully traceable to source, that they were produced in an ethical manner, and with minimal environmental impact. It is also important that the scheme be accessible to all farmers  anywhere in the world, of any size, and of any farm product, whether it be aquatic or terrestrial.

I have been involved in what started as the Eurep scheme since its beginning, hosting the first trail audit to be held in a tropical country,  and contributing Fyffes’ own internal checklists to the team writing the first version of the standard. Since receiving the first GlobalGAP benchmarking certificate awarded to Fyffes in Bologna, Italy in 2001, I have continually worked as a grower’s representative to GLOBALG.A.P. in formal technical committees and specialized working groups , and since 2009 as a member of the steering committee, or Board.

Position: Compliance Manager

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