Name Llano de Doña Mariana
GGN 4052852695039
Country México


Our ranch is emblematic of the avocado area as it is one of the first avocado orchards in the region with record production and a record low environmental impact, low use of external inputs, and high level of adopted good agricultural practices and certificates as well as organic agriculture. Our success is based on this symbiosis of schemes, G.A.P. implementation and efficient farm management, with extraordinary results achieved. We have also extended our property to other areas of more recent plantings, bringing with it the philosophy of good agricultural practices implemented in the first avocado producing areas and the recently planted.



Our greatest achievement has been to bring to our area the adoption of good agricultural practices and thus the environmental, social and economic welfare for all who have observed this. The adoption of these practices is an eminent reality. We consider it important to participate and win this award as this will encourage more producers in our region to adopt GLOBALG.A.P. certification. We can expand the culture of good agricultural practices in our region and provide training facilities to producers to teach them more about the topic. It gives us great to transmit these teachings to our entire sector.