The GLOBALG.A.P. Standard Development Policy

GLOBALG.A.P., the standard-setter for implementation of Good Agricultural Practices on farm, invites everyone to participate in this process. Based on your interest and individual links with GLOBALG.A.P. you can interact in various ways. Together, we build standards that can be verified and used to due diligence.

This GLOBALG.A.P. policy applies to all standard development activities and services. It is a guidance for decision-making and the strategic alignment of our GLOBALG.A.P. Standards or any related issues. Together with the values as highlighted in our Code of Conduct, our purpose and mission define the overall framework of all standard developments.


Standard setting can only be sufficiently comprehensive if all the relevant stakeholders are involved. Reasonable opportunities are provided to the public as well as relevant stakeholder groups to participate in governance, assurance and monitoring and/or evaluation of the standard.

Scientific and Expert Basis

Scientific studies, as well other relevant international norms or sector-specific standards are considered. Experts in specific areas are invited to collaborate with regard to the contents of the standard.

Harmonization and Diversity

We are actively involved in the harmonization of standards and provide and facilitate a benchmarking process through which standards that are in line with the vision and objectives of our GLOBALG.A.P. Standards are evaluated for equivalence. Before developing a standard, we evaluate other existing standards to see if a mutual cooperation between schemes is possible.

Standard setting is based on balanced and representative groups of stakeholders (e.g. technical committees and focus groups) and the inclusion of open public discussion options. Where feasible and necessary, standards are adapted to local conditions.

Continuous Improvement

We are strongly committed to ensuring consistent delivery and implementation of our standards worldwide. Feedback mechanisms are included in standard development and serve the ongoing improvement of the GLOBALG.A.P. System in all its aspects.

We are committed to understanding the latest developments in agriculture as well as aquaculture and to adapting our standards accordingly so that stakeholders are able to comply in a harmonized manner at an international level.

We promote transparency and integrity throughout the entire standard-setting process. Criteria must be clear and avoid any misinterpretations (this concerns the official English version as well as the respective translations). Criteria must be verified for their credibility and ability to be audited by accredited third-party certification bodies.