TOUR 2015

GLOBALG.A.P. embarks on TOUR stops to visit different locations around the world and examine GLOBALG.A.P. standards on the ground. The events provide a valuable, region-specific platform to learn more about the benefits of certification, share expertise, expand trade networks, and get up-to-date with the latest industry trends and challenges.

Organized with the support of local partners, our TOUR stops in 2015 - by now an annual undertaking - encompassed more than 1,680 delegates in 13 countries.

  • Brazil, Fortaleza
  • Chile, Puerto Varas
  • East Africa: Malawi, Lilogwe & Uganda, Entebbe
  • Ecuador, Guayaquil
  • Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
  • Ghana, Accra
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Netherlands, Geldermalsen
  • New Zealand, Rotorua
  • Peru, Lima
  • Spain, Almeria
  • South Africa, Cape Town
  • United States, Chicago

TOUR 2015 highlights

  • The two-day event in Almeria, Spain, provided the perfect setting to share the latest developments in certification as well as the key demands from supermarket chains. In a presentation entitled “Expansion in Europe with Wal-Mart / ASDA & GLOBALG.A.P.”, Carolina Carral, Technical Team Leader of International Procurement and Logistics (IPL), the procurement center of the British chain ASDA, said:

    “IPL follows a direct model from farmer to supermarket. This allows us to discover potential issues at the origin and catch them before the produce reaches our supermarket shelves. In GLOBALG.A.P. we value an independent audit system that reduces the duplication of audits. In addition to implementing monitoring systems to validate good agricultural practices, we seek in GLOBALG.A.P. other modules we consider crucial, such as sustainability and ethically-responsible farming. Since September of last year, we have been checking the real percentage of producers certified under the scope of GLOBALG.A.P., and today it has reached 89%. At IPL, we are pushing for our supplier base to reach 100%.