TOUR 2019

GLOBALG.A.P. embarks on TOUR stops to visit different locations around the world and examine GLOBALG.A.P. standards on the ground. The events provide a valuable, region-specific platform to learn more about the benefits of certification, share expertise, expand trade networks, and get up-to-date with the latest industry trends and challenges.

Organized with the support of local partners, our TOUR stops in 2019 connected with more than 1,700 delegates and stakeholders, engaging 130 speakers and panelists across 10 countries.

  • Albania, Tirana
  • Argentina, San Miguel de Tucumán
  • Colombia, Medellín
  • Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo
  • Ecuador, Guayaquil
  • Guatemala, Guatemala City
  • India, Bangalore
  • India, Baramati
  • India, Delhi
  • India, Nashik
  • Kenya, Nairobi
  • Latvia, Riga
  • Ukraine, Kyiv

TOUR 2019 highlights

  • In her presentation on a localg.a.p. program in Argentina, Indiana Mendilaharzu, GLOBALG.A.P. Registered Trainer, presented the results of the project designed specifically for the sugarcane sector. The Tucumán regional government in Argentina has become the first in the world to initiate a certification process for the production of sugarcane without fire harvesting.

    Launched in 2014, the localg.a.p. program has progressed from five farms covering 2,000 hectares to 15 farms covering 32,000 hectares. This has successfully promoted sustainability in the region by helping farmers manage and improve soil quality and prevent erosion. At the environmental level, the air quality is much improved for nearby communities and the risk of accidental damage caused by fire has been greatly reduced.
  • The Minister of Agriculture for the Dominican Republic, Osmar Benítez, announced the financing of 500 new Good Agricultural Practices certifications for producers interested in exporting to European markets, a measure that seeks to boost on-farm certification in the country. He commented:

    “We heartily welcome the presence of agricultural experts from all over the world in the country, and we congratulate Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana on promoting national agricultural production as a GLOBALG.A.P. country partner

  • As the world’s largest banana exporter, with more than 16,000 producers employing over 2.5 million people, Ecuador is implementing national measures to fight the Fusarium wilt tropical race 4 (TR4) disease in the nation’s plantations. Hugo Hays, GLOBALG.A.P. Board Member and Global Director of Food Safety and Compliance at Fyffes, stressed the importance of industry coordination on biosecurity actions, adding that Fyffes will now demand that suppliers include the GLOBALG.A.P. TR4 Biosecurity add-on  in their next Integrated Farm Assurance audit. Xavier Lazo Guerrero, Ecuadorian Minister of Agriculture and Livestock stated:

    “Ecuador is a benchmark for quality in the region. This GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR event demonstrates our commitment to spreading Good Agricultural Practices and ensuring that safe, nutritious, and healthy food reaches the tables of all consumers, both nationally and internationally.”

  • In Latvia, GLOBALG.A.P. signed a formal partner agreement with the Rural Advisory and Training Center, marking recognition of the dedication to sustainability and food safety as well as agricultural and food technology that is widespread in Latvia, according to Rector of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Irina Pilvere. Martins Cimermanis, the Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Center concluded:

    “Our plan is to make this global farm assurance standard an integral part of our nationwide services.”