GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2016 - Guatemala Report
localg.a.p. Program Owner Agrequima Gets Government Recognition and Support

More than 70 delegates attended the TOUR event at Hotel Barceló in Guatemala City on 26 July, organized by the Asociación Del Gremio Químico Agrícola (Agrequima), an association that provides free capacity building to farmers.

At the event, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Agrequima and DIFOPROCO - Dirección de Fortalecimiento para la Organización Productiva, Comercio y Mercadeo (Directorate of Productive Organization and Business Promotion) of the Ministry of Agriculture. This cooperation agreement will provide added government backing and support for Good Agricultural Practices training and capacity building, also as part of the localg.a.p. Program.  

On the benefits of the localg.a.p. Program, Mr. Otto Sierra, Director of Productive Organization and Business Promotion, Vice Ministry of Economic and Rural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture, said: “DIFOPROCO recognizes the work carried out by  AGREQUIIVIA as an important opportunity for small-scale producers in Guatemala for the implementation of the localg.a.p. standard. Achieving GLOBALG.A.P. Certification is a major challenge for small-scale producers. localg.a.p. is a first important step to establish the ground work for producers toward GLOBALG.A.P. Certification. Considering that consumer demands regarding food safety, food quality and safe and sustainable farming have grown all over the world and in Guatemala as well, this standard has become a central pillar in order to achieve consumer satisfaction.”

Roberto Mota, a GLOBALG.A.P. Auditor, confirmed that “the Guatemalan fruit & vegetable producers are better prepared due to the successful training programs provided by Agrequima."

Agrequima is an association that provides free capacity building events and training on the responsible use and management of plant protection products (PPPs) through its education program “ CuidAgro”. Since 1919, this program has provided PPP training to more than 890,000 farm workers. As a localg.a.p. Program Owner, the association facilitates the certification process for many fruit and vegetable farmers with very good results. Agrequima also hosts the National Technical Working Group (NTWG) for Guatemala. GLOBALG.A.P. NTWGs help adopt GLOBALG.A.P.’s universal standard on a national scale. 

Sponsored by CropLife Latin America, Unisuper/La Torre-supermarket, Comité de arveja y Vegetales, Peas and Vegetables Committee of Agexport, Revista Productor Agropecuario, and the Ministry of Agriculture, the event was part of the Citi Foundation Project introduced in 2014 to promote Good Agricultural Practices in Guatemala, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. The project was funded by a United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of Citi Foundation.

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