GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2017 China - International Course of Standardization and High-quality Brands

Organized by the China Good Agri-Products Development and Service Association, the GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR Event took place in Chengdu, China, on 4 November 2017, and was attended by more than 100 national and international delegates. Stakeholders were invited to discuss the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard as well as the brand with the objective of improving trade and increasing the cost efficiency of the agricultural product supply chain.

GLOBALG.A.P. speaker Mr. Zhou Xin, China Representative, introduced the GLOBALG.A.P. system and its respective implementation as the solution for safe and sustainable agriculture, also providing insights as to how the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard can help producers and retailer with brand development.

Dr. Wang Weiwei, Senior Technical Manager of Star Farm (a subsidiary of METRO Group), stated that METRO protects consumers through good practices and that it is very important to emphasize process management by going to the field to evaluate the water, soil, fertilizer, and so on. That is why a standard like GLOBALG.A.P. is needed to ensure the process management has the appropriate standards.

The president of PAGODA, Mr. Yu Yonghui, believes that a standard is also there to support a brand, and that a fruit brand is what remains in a consumers’ memory when it comes to the good taste of fruit. China is a large country for fruit, but it is not yet strong in that area. Mr. Yu believes that stakeholders should undertake joint research and open minds to make the industry more powerful.

Dr. Jin Xixuan, Chief Scientist of Joyvio Group, shared the experience that good products start from the beginning of planting, after which all pesticides, fertilizers, and technical measures should comply with the standard. The products of Joyvio are traceable with QR codes, and the integrity of the standard is very important.

Ms. Yulia Yao, General Manager of IQC, stated that there are ample standards in the market, and it is necessary to choose a suitable one. In fact, standards also play a very important role for market recognition. The GLOBALG.A.P. Standard is used by IQC as it is a scientific and reasonable standard that could truly serve as guidance for everyone and is largely recognized by retailers.

Mr. Nattapan, Vice President of Thailand Hualian International Investment Group, pointed out that higher quality products are demanded by the market. If the agricultural products comply with high quality standards, they could be better promoted to the international market.

Mr. David Zhang, Managing Director of Buyers Council, is involved with GLOBALG.A.P. as a retailer member, and believes the standard is also a reference for farmers. For example, pesticide application has been improved around the world because of the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard. With a large technical team, the standard-setting process of GLOBALG.A.P. is very reliable and serious.

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