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About Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan (Great Mongolian Aristocrats)

Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan (meaning the Great Mongolian Aristocrats) is a Mongolian non-governmental organization and a voluntary association of business leaders in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, service, etc. Established in early 2016, the main purpose of IMY is to sustainably develop the agribusiness sectors and the communities nationwide.

Currently, IMY has 277 active member companies in the capital city of Ulan-Bator (13 new members joined last week), mainly represented by their CEOs. After 18 months of promoting its purpose in rural Mongolia, IMY will soon start recruiting herders and farmers from most of the provinces in Mongolia. At the end of this year, IMY expects to have more than 30 thousand members in rural Mongolia -- a number that will make it the single largest organization in Mongolia that engages agribusiness stakeholders in implementing projects and programs.

In addition, IMY has 7 affiliated non-governmental organizations that work in concert to handle different aspects of the greater purpose. It also has strategic partnership agreements with over 20 leading civil society organizations, trade associations and other professional bodies. As a powerful strategic alliance of private sector and civil society entities, IMY is becoming a strong player to work with the government and state-owned entities on a wide variety of issues related to agriculture and business.

About Altan Deed Mongol Chanar (Golden Supreme Mongol Quality)

Altan Deed Mongol Chanar (meaning Golden Supreme Mongol Quality) is a Mongolian non-governmental organization and a voluntary association of professionals working in academia, private, public and nonprofit sectors for the purpose of adapting, promoting and assisting in implementation of global good agricultural practices in Mongolia.

In doing so, GSMQ works closely with Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan, the Mongolian Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, Mongolian State University of Life Sciences, Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology, Mongolian General Inspection Agency, and international multilateral organizations, as well as other professional and competent bodies operating in Mongolia.


Mongolia is defining its strategy to develop primary business activity (agriculture and livestock production) for the next future. The main goal of Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan is to build up bridges to international Good Agriculture Practices organizations such GLOBALG.A.P. which can support to enter into international trade.

Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan, as biggest business association, is leading and driving the change into the Agrifood sector. For this purpose, Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan invited Mongolian main stakeholders (University, Agriculture Ministry, Reference laboratories, farmers, and companies) in the agribusiness sector to build up a new project based on food safety and good agriculture practices.

GLOBALG.A.P. has been invited as an international reference against the local practices can be benchmarked and give strong pillar on which build up a plan to improve local food safety and animal welfare standards.

Background Information on Mongolian Agricultural Sector

The raising of livestock on the vast open spaces of the Mongolian steppes -- the infinite Mongolian prairie -- has been the way of life for Mongolians for thousands of years. Today, the industry produces approximately 20% of the country’s GDP, provides the food supply for the population and is the main feedstock of the national production in Mongolia. The sector employs 34.5% of the total national workforce, produces 90% of all agricultural outputs and accounts for 12.5% of Mongolia’s total export revenues.


  1. 1.    Preliminary program: visit to a Mongolian extensive horse, goat and sheep farm, 22 September.

The aim of the visit was to show the traditional “Mongolian Nomade farming system”. Traditionally, Mongolian nomads raise 5 species of livestock: horses, cows or yaks, sheep, goats and camels. Nomadic families often gathered in groups move generally in the radius of 50 to 100 kilometers, at least twice a year, in spring (May) and at the beginning of winter (October). However, more significant displacements are sometimes necessary in the search of better pastures. Uvuljuu or winter camps are located in areas that are naturally sheltered from wind and are equipped with barns for the animals to stay for the night.

Representatives of Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan and Altan Deed Mongol Chanar accompany during the visit and explains us the extensive production system as well traditions. During the day we visited the four season locations in which the families camps along the year with their animals. The environmental impact of this system is very low, even the visual impact of the farming system.

  1. 2.    Conference program, Saturday 23 September.

The conference followed strictly the final program and more than 130 persons participated in the event. During the day, speakers from GLOBALG.A.P., Mongolian University of Life Sciences, Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan and the Agriculture Ministry discussed the implementation of good agriculture practices, National status of livestock and agriculture farmers, farming systems and nomadic pastoralism, international trade requirements for raw materials in terms of assure supply and food safety, and GLOBALG.A.P. schemes as reference standards for Global trade.A
At the end of the day, Ikh Mongol Yazguurtan and GLOBALG.A.P. signed a collaboration agreement to implement Good Agriculture Practices in the local agriculture and livestock sectors.

  1. 3.    Visit to Mongolian Greenhouse, 24 September.

EveryDay greenhouse project was born of a joint venture between Japanese and Mongolian companies.

During the visit, the Vice-Director accompanies the group of visitors and explained in detail the structure and the organization of the greenhouse. Energy supply comes from solar panels installed in different greenhouses. At the time of the visit, new winter greenhouses were under construction.

After the visit, EveryDay team prepared a lunch for all participants and we had a closing meeting in which the role of farm assurers was explained. Big interest was shown by several participants in the meeting concerning farm assurer training.


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