GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2018 Kazakhstan!

Promoting Good Agricultural Practices and Facilitating Trade in Central Asia with GIZ

The one-day event was organized by our partner GIZ as part of their Trade Facilitation in Central Asia Program, together with the Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification.  

Flavio Alzueta, GLOBALG.A.P. Vice President & CMO, presented the benefits of implementing GLOBALG.A.P. Certification as a means of improving competitiveness and facilitating access of fruit and vegetable products to international markets. Together with GIZ representatives, he discussed recommendations and an action plan for the development and implementation of GLOBAG.A.P. services in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Kazakhstan suffers a severe production/demand imbalance. Despite possessing endless tracts of arable land and being home to 9 of the world’s 11 climatic zones, Kazakhstan’s agricultural environment remains highly underdeveloped. At less than 10 percent of total GDP, Kazakh agriculture is a small-scale sector of the country’s economy. This has led to a domestic fruit and vegetable production shortage, forcing the country to rely on internationally sourced goods to plug its sizable market gaps. Some 19,000 tons of processed fruit and vegetable products are manufactured yearly, yet import volumes are more than 11 times higher. In 2015, 520,000 tons of vegetables and 628,000 tons of fruit were imported to Kazakhstan.


The key strategy is to stimulate the local agricultural production sector and promote Good Agricultural Practices. Proposals put forth at the conference included:

  • Developing a nationwide capacity building project to provide training on Good Agricultural Practices and GLOBALG.A.P. standards to public sector employees, agronomists, students in their final years of studies, and farmers using specifically designed training material.
  • Setting up pilot projects with some of the crops that are currently being imported. The objective here would be to demonstrate to both national and international producers the benefits of working in line with the GLOBALG.A.P. system, as well as showcasing the results to potential foreign and local importers, buyers and retailers in order to establish business relationships.
  • Setting up a two-year program to work with a selected group of people working in the agricultural sector. The program would provide agricultural commercial and business training, covering retailers’ demands, the importance of packaging, pricing, etc. The training program would also include visits to specific commercial exhibitions and to some agricultural areas in different countries.

Hosted at the Hotel Wyndham Garden in the capital Astana, the tour stop was attended by representatives from ministries, agencies, business associations, farmers, consulting companies, certification bodies, and international organizations.

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