TOUR 2015 Spain - Over 200 Participants Attend TOUR 2015 Kick-Off 2-Day Event in Almeria

Organized by  COEXPHAL and  AGROCOLOR, the TOUR stop in Almeria provided the perfect setting to share the latest developments in certification as well as the key demands from supermarket chains.

During the morning session, participants went on planned tours of a farm (CLISOL Agro) and an Almeria food trading company (MURGIVERDE). Professionals from Europe and various regions of Spain were impressed with the level of efficiency regarding the production and management of available resources for covered farming in Almeria.

The afternoon consisted of a series of presentations on various aspects of the agriculture industry. In their opening speeches, Guy Callebaut, GLOBALG.A.P. Chairman of the Board and Vice-Chairman of  BelOrta (Belgian producers' cooperative) and VBT (Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives); Francisco Góngora, Chairman of  AGROCOLOR; Miguel Galdeano, Chairman of  COEXPHAL, and Rafael Úbeda, Vice-Chairman of the  Almeria Chamber of Commerce, pointed out the significance of this GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR stop for the Almeria and European industries.


You can view pictures of the event  here.

(Download the program pdf here)